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Studio Mini Sessions | Lorain County Photographer

Earlier this year I took an online workshop taught by one of my favorite photographers on the planet, Meg Bitton. I love how Meg’s work is simple, beautiful, and timeless. She always seems to capture the soul and the personality of her subject, and (as most child photographers know), this can be an incredibly difficult task with little ones. Meg is amazing at what she does and she inspires me to be a better photographer.

The workshop that I took was specifically for Studio Photography. Simple Studio Photography. Through this workshop I learned how to make the most of a simple set up. One light, one backdrop, one (or two) subject/s. I learned an awesome new lighting technique, and the perfect way to edit the photo to highlight the features of my subject.

After spending a fair amount of time practicing, I booked several Mini Session for a Simple Studio Portrait. Here are some of my favorite photos from those sessions.


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