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Beautifully Different – Olivia

Beautifully Different

A Project Celebrating Differences and Triumphs

Olivia is Beautifully Different

I am so excited to introduce you to this amazing girl! Olivia! Olivia is a super sweet and spunky 4 year old girl who was born with a malformation of the cerebellum. In her specific case, the right side of her brain is smaller than the left side. She also has Esotropia (which is is a form of strabismus in which one or both eyes turns inward. The condition can be constantly present, or occur intermittently, and can give the affected individual a “cross-eyed” appearance). From the age of 6 months until 3 years old Olivia had to wear a patch over one of her eyes everyday. She underwent surgery at 6 months old to correct it. She also has Apraxia, Ataxia, Sensory Processing Disorder and developmental delays. Olivia is most definitely Beautifully Different!

As with many neurological conditions, Olivia’s differences were not diagnosed until after her birth, as they are not always apparent until much later. Her parents took her to have her 3 month photographs taken, and that’s when they noticed her eyes were a little different from most babies. Soon after that she was received her Esotropia diagnosis. She was about a year and a half old when her family learned about the rest of her differences. Her Mom was in a parent group, and noticed that Olivia wasn’t hitting her milestones at the “normal” time, as the other children were.

Kathy Rogers Photography_Beautifully Different_Children Photographer in Amherst_Little girl Esotropia

Olivia’s differences have affected her daily life. At first it was really hard for Olivia to play with other kids her own age. She had a hard time communicating with them because of her speech delay. Her eye sight caused issues with playground equipment and the speed at which other children move. She couldn’t sit at the table for a long period of time for eating purposes. It was very apparent when I met Olivia that she doesn’t let anything stand it her way! She strolled in to the studio with excitement and confidence. She was so ready for her photo session, and she totally rocked it!

Kathy Rogers Photography_Beautifully Different_Children Photographer in Amherst_Little girl Esotropia

Olivia is many things. Above all else, she is an inspiration!

According to Olivia’s Mom, They are not teaching Olivia as much about this world as she is teaching them. Her nickname is “The Polite Police”! She kindly reminds people to say please, thank you and excuse me. She loves those that are hard to love, which is such an admirable quality! From the day she learned about Disney and Princesses she has had a love of Princess Jasmine. She plays Magic Carpet and she wears her Princess dress. If you ask her who her best friend is she will tell you it’s her Papa. Her Grandfather and her have an amazing bond.

Olivia loves to sing, dance and have pillow fights. She always wants to be on the go whether it’s to the Zoo, the library, to visit her family, or camping! She just wants to be busy. When she grows up she wants to be an “Animal Doctor.” She spends her days being an amazing big sister and helping to clap out words, play teacher, or help potty train her 2 year old little brother. She has this bubbly personality that is contagious and a smile that will melt your heart. In her Mom’s own words. “We could not be more proud of our girl”.

Kathy Rogers Photography_Beautifully Different_Children Photographer in Amherst_Little girl Esotropia

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Kathy Rogers: A Michigan native but currently residing and working in Northeast Ohio. She married the love of her life at the ripe old age of 22 and they have two beautiful children as well as 2 dogs and 3 cats!

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  1. Shelly Boepple
    April 13, 2018 Reply

    Not sure how much time you spent with Olivia and her family, but you seemed to have found her. What beautiful work you do!
    Thank you❣️

  2. Sheri Childs
    April 13, 2018 Reply

    Beautiful pictures of a wonderful loving little angel!!! I have known her mom since she was also a little girl and Olivia could not have better parents!!! Love the way you captured her beautiful heart!!

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