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Beautifully Different – Cameryn

Beautifully Different

A Project Celebrating Differences and Triumphs

Cameryn is Beautifully Different

This gorgeous little lady is the amazing Cameryn! Cameryn has Trisomy 21. The term trisomy is used to describe the presence of three chromosomes, rather than the usual matched pair of chromosomes. Cameryn was born with three #21 chromosomes. Trisomy 21 is also known as Down syndrome.  Cameryn also has a few heart defects that include a murmur and a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). The VSD is a small hole in one of her ventricles that hasn’t closed all the way, she’s been closely followed by cardiology since she was born. Around age 3 she was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on daily medication to control her levels. Cameryn is so Beautifully Different!

Kathy Rogers Photography_Beautifully Different_Children Photographer in Amherst_Little girl_Down Syndrome

I asked Cameryn’s Mom to fill out a brief questionnaire about Cameryn, so I could do the best possible job telling her story. I was so moved and could feel the love and strength that was put in to every single answer, I am just going to cut and paste her Mom’s words, because there is no way I could do a better job at telling the world how strong and amazing Cameryn is.

There were suspicions when I was pregnant with her. They found some things on an ultrasound that pointed to DS. They sent me for testing and high tech ultrasounds. The specialists convinced me I was too young and not to worry. I didn’t. I knew right then, no matter what she was ours and would be so loved. This was the daughter I waited for after two boys! Fast forward… Then, the birth happened so fast! I was admitted to the hospital and she came less than 2 hours later! My husband was beaming, he was calling all the family. Calling in his coworkers to come meet her! The pediatrician came in while he was out on the phone and told me she suspects Cameryn has Down Syndrome, then she walked out and left me to tell my husband. Alone. I knew as soon as they pulled her out and set her on me that she was different, I felt it. I knew what that doctor was gonna tell me before she said it. I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t sad. She was mine and she was gorgeous.
When Cameryn was born, I hemorrhaged pretty bad and was rushed off to the operating room to stop the bleeding. That’s when Cameryn took a turn for the worse. When I went Into surgery she was peaceful in her bassinet next to her daddy. She turned blue right after they took me away. She wasn’t breathing well and she was experiencing pulmonary hypertension. She was transferred to a level 2 nursery within the tiny naval hospital where she was born. She had to be transported to a bigger hospital more equipped to deal with her battle. The kicker was, my husband had to arrange her transport. See, he worked in that naval hospital as the transport coordinator for the ED. I wasnt in good shape and now she wasnt either. He was so torn, I said go with HER. The hospital they took her to was 2.5 hours away. They said she’d likely need open heart surgery very soon. Thats all I knew. With the complications I had, they wouldn’t discharge me to be with her for 2 days. Her doctors prepared us for the worst. Open heart surgery and a lengthy hospital stay. Said she wouldn’t be home by Christmas. She was born 11-23 sent to the NICU that same day. She was in the NICU for 10 days. Around day 4 her other heart defect she had at birth (ASD) had miraculously closed by itself! So, no surgery yet! They said we had to work on wearing her off of oxygen so she could breath on her own…on day 8 they had to run some test so we left for a few hours to Christmas shop for her big brothers. When we came back, she had pulled her nasal cannula out and was breathing on her own at 100%. We went home December 5th! No more hospital. We were SO lucky and thankful every day that she is a miracle. She’s still followed closely by cardiology to monitor her VSD.
Kathy Rogers Photography_Beautifully Different_Children Photographer in Amherst_Little girl_Down Syndrome

Fearless. Determined. Amazing.

Cameryn was put in to early intervention at 3 months old, early intervention is very important, and has helped Cameryn achieve so much! She has smashed every single statistic that doctors said she wouldn’t. Cameryn is in school with typical peers and takes dance classes with typical peers. She does tap, jazz and ballet and has her 3rd recital in June! To know Cameryn, is to love her. She lights up a room! When she arrived at the studio, I could tell she was something special, she stole my heart right from the first second she smile at me. I could also see the tremendous amount of love her Mom has for her. In her Mom’s words-  “I feel like I won the lottery having her as my daughter. I will fight for her every step of the way.”

Kathy Rogers Photography_Beautifully Different_Children Photographer in Amherst_Little girl_Down Syndrome

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Kathy Rogers: A Michigan native but currently residing and working in Northeast Ohio. She married the love of her life at the ripe old age of 22 and they have two beautiful children as well as 2 dogs and 3 cats!

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  1. Debi Johnson
    April 16, 2018 Reply

    To watch Cameryn dance is to watch joy in motion.

  2. Mary Laird
    April 16, 2018 Reply

    She is my Grand Niece and I couldn't be more happy to see the leaps and bounds she has accomplished. Love her so!!
    Aunt Meanie

  3. Janie Schwartz
    April 17, 2018 Reply

    Beautiful girl and family. I had the pleasure working with her grandma when she was born. Deb would share her pictures of Cameryn and family. They always warm my heart. So much love! God bless them all!

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