Birth Photography Information & Pricing

How Does It Work?

I am on call for two weeks before your expected due date until baby is born – as soon as you go into labor, give me a call! I will aim to be there about 3-6 hours before baby is expected to arrive, knowing full well that none of this can be predicted to a T, but we’ll work with it! I will record your labor from the moment I arrive, your delivery, the amazing moments when you meet your precious baby, and the important details afterwards – weighing, footprints, etc.

Birth photography is not “graphic” nor is it “gross” I will photograph only what you want, whether that is everything, or whether you only want the waist up, or something different – it is completely up to you! Ultimately, my job is to document the story, and to follow the guidelines that you request.

What does it include?

Your birth photography includes the following:
– Your pre-session consultation – we meet, and discuss your birth photography.
– I will be “on call” starting 2 weeks before your due date – no day trips, vacations etc! Even outside of this period, I will prioritize being at your birth.
– Your birth photography, including a Fresh 48 Session the following day.
– Developing/Processing of your images – many hours of going through photos, touching up, editing, and creating a story of precious moments from start to finish. If your package includes a slideshow, it includes the licensing of the music as well as the many hours it takes to put one together.
– In order to accommodate everyone who would like to document their births, payment plans are available.

What happens in the event of a c-section?

Pricing for a scheduled c-section is the same as for a natural birth. I will meet you at the hospital, and document your story, from admitting, through the delivery of your baby, and to your family’s first moments. I will also document as much of baby’s first moments – foot printing, first bath, weighing etc – as I possibly can.

It is important that we work together to manage expectations with clear communication with your doctor and admitting nurses and midwives to ensure I will be granted access to the OR. Communication is key and if the doctors know how important this photography is to you they are usually very kind to make my job easier.

The Cost?

Cost, including the high resolution digital files and personal use print release is $1295. Payment plans are available upon request.

Fresh 48 Session

What is it?

A Fresh 48 Session is a one-hour Lifestyle Session capturing the first moments in your baby’s life.  Snuggles, meeting siblings, a first bath…along with details like the tiny hospital bracelet, peeling pink toes and of course your connection with your brand new baby!  The session takes place 24-48 hours after birth, at the hospital, birth center or your home depending on where you’ve delivered.

The Cost?

Cost including 25-30 high resolution digital images is $495