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June 27, 2017 Maternity 0

Planning it Out – Maternity Sessions


If you’re expecting, I am going to bet that you have Googled “What to Wear for Maternity Photos” once or twice? Three times maybe? Well, if you’re like me and you like to have all the details planned out ahead of time, look no further!

Here you will find a comprehensive guide on planning your Maternity Session! I am going to give you some pointers, tips and tricks on how to totally rock your maternity photo shoot!

I believe that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and miraculous things that a woman will experience in her life. You’re growing a person! It’s incredible what we women go though in just 10 short months. (though it feels like the gestation span of an elephant!) For many women, they don’t necessarily feel their best during this time. Between the nausea, the bloat, and our ever expanding waistline…. I totally get it! But worry not my friend! The camera won see any of that!

First thing to tackle is the location. You and your photographer (Me!) will have a conversation about where the best spot for your maternity shoot is. This can be a spot that is special to you and your significant other, or just a spot that you love and connect with! If you don’t have any ideas at all, not to worry. I have a looooong list of favorite spots, and we will find the right one for you! My favorite for Maternity is the beach. There is something magical about the beach, you can’t help but feel at peace at the waters edge, and I think that goes beautifully with a maternity session.

Now let’s talk about styling. This is the big one. A good 85% of my clients ask me “Kathy I am so lost! WHAT should we wear!” Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing outfits:

  1. It’s about the belly. Dresses or shirts that hug the belly are ideal.
  2. Solid colors usually work best, but if you have an amazing dress with a great pattern, go for it! Just don’t go pattern crazy. Multiple busy patterns are distracting to the eye.
  3. Choose a color palette you like and compliments your home.
  4. Think about the location. On the beach, blue’s, corals, and teals are amazing! In a park, yellows, greens, and pinks work well. Unsure still? Ask me! I can help!

Lastly, remember to relax. I’ve got this. You can trust me that it is my goal to provide you with amazing photos that showcase you family as it is in this exact moment. It’s a good idea to schedule in some “relaxing” time the day of the shoot. Get your hair done or get a massage! Pamper yourself! Remember, life is about to get a little crazier in just a few more months. 😉  If you’re familiar with my style of photography, you know I am not a “sit here and smile at the camera” type of photographer. My shoots are laid back, fun, and carefree. I am interested in showcasing the real you. The essence of your family, and your connection with each other.

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Thats all for today!